a cure for the common block


Errol slicked back his hair and put on cologne, preparing for a night out, but didn’t expect the guest knocking at his door. She introduced herself, and if it weren’t for her vibrant green eyes he would have closed the door as soon as he saw the petition she carried. Lucy detailed the importance of legislation regulating the products used in pet grooming businesses until Errol interrupted her to ask a single question – if she was happy – but before she could respond he continued talking, claiming her full attention with a blunt speech about the importance of pursuing personal happiness and fulfillment in a rhythmic, almost mesmerizing method. After he finished, he asked if she would rather continue her hunt for signatures or join him for the evening; Lucy blinked a few times, then said “Venezuela. I’m going to Venezuela”, and walked away with new resolve.

#ShortShortStories #Passion


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