a cure for the common block

The Host

Lou scooped up the strange bug in his jar and screwed on the lid (with air holes); he spent an hour looking up local, and not-so-local insects to no avail. He decided to have his mom take him to the university the next day to see if they could tell him what it was. The bug would have told him – if the boy had ever thought to ask – that he was actually an alien, and had a name, albeit unpronounceable. But Lou didn’t ask, and so while the boy slept, the creature unscrewed the lid and made his escape, knowing what would be in store for him in the hands of a scientist. He scuttled through the yard, back into the forest, and continued on his mission to find a cure for the disease plaguing his home planet.

#ShortShortStories #TheHost


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One thought on “The Host

  1. I really liked this one, Dan.

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