a cure for the common block


Ink loaded the mag and turned his specs on; he was second generation, never knew a day without the Scrappers, but fought to make that day happen again. June had his back as they scouted the warehouse, hoping for a place their pack could hold for a couple nights, hoping they wouldn’t find a nest, hoping they’d get to see their kids again. Ink caught the telltale blue glint from one of the Scrapper’s guns and asked June if she had a cigarette, her cue to find the spotter assisting the bug at his 3 o’clock; June said she had gum, the two dropped to the floor and shot with deadly accuracy. For years the two would recount the incident and boast of their calm and marksmanship, but in private comforted each other through chronic night terrors.

#ShortShortStories #Salvage


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