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The Cajun explained to the Tourists from Nebraska that the nature path was completely safe and that while there may be an alligator or two, at this time of day they were sunbathing and mostly harmless so long as they kept their distance. The Tourists heard a jumble of consonants. The Cajun responded to their blank stares with a smile and an elaborate joke full of stereotypes and derogatory slurs. As the Tourists walked the path, what began as a humorous discussion of deciphering the man’s language was quickly elevating into an argument, until they laid their eyes on a 13-foot alligator stretched along the grass. They held hands and watched him for several minutes, never saying a word.

#ShortShortStories #Quagmire


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One thought on “Quagmire

  1. Tom Kiehnhoff on said:

    My Uncle Mack ran toward that alligator.

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