a cure for the common block


Trey deposited his check and scanned his receipt to see his balance; he was one 6-hour shift from his goal, and a glance at his watch reminded him that that 6-hour shift would begin in twenty minutes. What Trey wouldn’t learn until moments after he clocked out was that Veronica was in the ICU following a three-car wreck; he visited her daily, spoke to her, confessed to her, and pleaded with her and any deity with mercy. A few hours after depositing his latest check, Trey opened the velvet box containing the charm bracelet; he quietly explained to her the significance of each charm: her birthstone, how they first met, her art, his loyalty, the day he knew he loved her. His hands shook as he placed it in her coffin, and that night he cried himself to sleep.

#ShortShortStories #Without

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