a cure for the common block

Young at Heart

Shawn stacked his blocks one on top of the other, moving carefully as they wobbled, and moaning as they toppled. His mother called him in to the kitchen for lunch and he sprang up with glee as he sprinted across the living room; he dove into his PB&J and his mom tied on his bib, urging him to slow down and chew his food. Shawn, jelly-faced and sticky-fingered, finished his milk and sandwich with a smile and declared that he was done; his mother lead him to the bathroom and wiped off his mouth and hands, then lathered his face and told him to hold still while she started to hum. Shawn didn’t like shaving, but he liked whenever his mom sang to him, he thought she sang like an angel.

#ShortShortStories #YoungAtHeart

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