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Synchrony: Part I

James bit his lip and leaned his body as he steered the claw a little bit to the left, then pushed the joystick a little bit up, then hit the button to drop it as it wobbled back and forth; the claw closed and grabbed nothing. “Rats!”, he said as he kicked the dirt. A well-dressed gentleman chuckled to himself and placed a quarter in the next machine. He carefully moved it sharply up, stopped and waited, sharply right, stop & wait, dropped it, and it scooped up a clawful of prizes. He pulled them out and handed the kid a whistle with a word of advice, “In case you need help.”

#ShortShortStories #Synchrony #TheGentleman


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One thought on “Synchrony: Part I

  1. As owner of the establishment, I am not responsible for James’ subsequent misophonia freak out.

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